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The First Adaptogenic Protein Bar

Your daily dose of Lions Mane or Cordyceps mushrooms (1500mg) in a tasty, grab-and-go bar.

Functional Mushroom Protein Bars - Cordyceps and Lions Mane - Lifestyle
Functional Mushroom Protein Bars - Cordyceps and Lions Mane - Lifestyle

What You'll Find Inside

Two Lion's Mane Bars
A natural nootropic shown to support focus, memory, and creativity
Peanut Butter Chocolate Flavor
Two Cordyceps Bars
Supports energy & endurance by oxygen delivery and ATP synthesis
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flavor

Balanced Ingredients

We perfected taste and nutrition
1500mg Mushrooms

More than the average mushroom supplement.

11g Plant Protein

Made from brown rice. Easily digestible, no bitterness.

5g of Real Sugar

Made from cassava root. No artificial sweeteners.

190 Calories

High quality ingredients to fuel your day.

More Than Just a Supplement

Mushroom Powders
Mushroom Capsules
1500mg Dose
Very few
Very few
Taste /
Protein /
Sustained Energy
Convenient /

Frequently Asked Questions

What are adaptogens?
Adaptogens are natural substances (plants, fungi, minerals) that naturally increase the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress on the body and promote or restore normal physiological function. These natural substances work in a responsive manner to the body’s needs: boosting immunity, energy, and help us feel more balanced.
Where do you source your mushrooms from?
Our mushrooms are organically and sustainably grown in Southern California!
Should I consume the bars on a daily basis?
Yes! Adaptogens are most impactful with time and consistency!
Are your ingredients sustainably sourced?
Yes, all Balanced Tiger suppliers have USDA Organic Certifications, which means the food is sustainably produced all the way back to the farm!
Do you use the mushroom's fruiting body in your product?
Yes! We use a blend of mainly the fruiting body; however, we also have mycelium in our mushroom mix, as mycelium produces an extraordinary array of powerful enzymes that provide a complex matrix of bio-active, health-promoting compounds.