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Delicious vegan protein bars made with 1500mg of functional mushrooms.

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adaptogenic functional mushroom protein bars vegan gluten-free organic
adaptogenic functional mushroom protein bars vegan gluten-free organic
superfood mushroom full dose lions mane cordyceps chaga reishi

Super Mushrooms

Your daily dose of mushrooms to help boost your mind & body.

usda organic clean snack plant based

Organic Fuel

190 nutrient-dense calories, 11g plant protein, & 5g natural sugars.

delicious sustainable balanced purposeful food

Tasty & Functional

A balanced & realistic approach to healthy & purposeful eating.


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adaptogen mushroom improvement reishi ganoderma lucidium

Shrooms for Improvement

Our functional mushrooms — also considered adaptogens — have been used for thousands of years to balance the body and mind.


In Good Taste

We've made it easy to incorporate mushrooms into everyday life – combining them with delicious snacks, that taste nothing like fungi.

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sustainable brand 1% for the planet

1% for the Planet.

We're committed to creating a healthy planet. 1% of our sales are donated to environmental causes.

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