Adaptogen Variety Box

4 Flavors. 4 Mushrooms. 4 Functions.

usda organic certified
vegan plant based vegetarian certified
gluten free certified
non gmo project certified nongmo

superfood mushroom full dose lions mane cordyceps chaga reishi

Superfood Mushrooms

Your daily dose of mushrooms to boost your mind & body.

usda organic clean snack plant based

Organic Plant Fuel

190 nutrient-dense calories, 11g of protein, and 5g natural sugars.

delicious sustainable balanced purposeful food

Tasty & Functional

A balanced & realistic approach to healthy & purposeful eating.

Find Your Balance

Discover the focus enhancing and energy boosting benefits of functional mushrooms in a delicious protein bar.

Balancing Taste & Function

lions mane cordyceps functional mushrooms

1500mg Mushrooms

A daily dose.

vegan plant protein from brown rice

11g Plant Protein

Easily digestible.

natural low sugar no artificial sweeteners usda organic gluten free

7g Natural Sugar

No artificial sweeteners.

low calorie delicious protein bar with peanuts and almonds

190 Calories

Real whole foods.


Grab a Starter Pack

The easy way to try our product before committing.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are functional mushrooms (aka Adaptogens)?
Functional mushrooms (aka adaptogens) have been used for thousands of years in easter medicine to increase the body and mind's ability to work in a responsive manner to the body's needs. These natural substances are typically each used for a specific "function": boosting immunity, energy, stress support, and helping us stay focused.
Do the bars taste like mushrooms?
No, not at all! We recipe tested for months to get the flavors just right. Our bars are sweet, satisfying, and — this may come as a surprise — bear no resemblance to your farmer’s market fungi. So you get all the benefits of these ancient superfoods, without that bitter fungi taste.
Are the bars organic?
Yes, our products are USDA certified organic. All ingredients have cleared rigorous USDA certification standards, going all the way back to the farm.
Are the bars gluten free?
Yes, GFCO certified! The bars have been lab-tested and contain less then 15ppm gluten.
Are the bars vegan?
Yes, our products are 100% certified by! All our products are plant-based and use only vegan ingredients.
Are these Magic Mushrooms / will they make me trip?
Nope, they will not make you hallucinate and they do not contain any psilocybin! While these mushrooms have magical and powerful impacts on your health, they are 100% legal and are not drugs.
Should I consume the bars on a daily basis?
Yes! The greatest benefits of functional mushrooms are seen with daily use for extended periods of time.